Ron started work at Brough Superior in May 126. in those days workers starrted at the bottom and Ike Webb soon had him cleaning machines for dsipatch after road test and fitting tyres. It was not long, however, before he was out testing machines, usually the staid 5/15 models, in the company of the then works tester, Jack Scott. Ron was an excellent rider with a feel for machinery. He was able to take a bike for a short test ride and return to the works with a full lost of modifications required to bring the maschine to top condition.
For a period Ron acted as mechanic to Arthur Greenwood, who was then the works rider. Greenwood, who was then the works rider. Greenwood lived at Oldham at it was Ron's job to prepare the works racing SS100 and take it to events for Greenwood to ride. When a replacement works rider was needed in 1927, Ron was given a try out. At this first event, a speed trial along the promenade at Blackpool, he conceded victory by a mere half-second  to his predecessor , George Patchett, on his McEvoy. Thereafter, Ron in the company of Ted Lester, who had been appointed by George to act as his mechanic, was expected  to compete at events across the length and breadth of the country. He  could usually be relied  upon to make the fastest tome of the day, in both the solo and sidecar classes, an was expected to return to Nottingham with a trophy or tow. He was allowed to keepthe replica cups but all cash winning were passed back to the factory to help finance the competition machines. Ron began sand racing late in 1927. Ath is first ouring on sands at Pending got injured and was suffering from blood poioning. He was off workd for foruteen weeks.

Ron's competition career ended in the early 1930's. The financial depression has led to a reduction in motorcycle sales at about the time when the brough Superior car was being developed. Money was tighter than usual and George decided to stop funding competition. Ron remainded involved in competition, however as he was repsonsible for the preparation of Jack Carr's SS100 and attended events as Carr's mechanic.

(By Dr. Miller)

Some of Ron Storey's Medals and Trophys now owned by Brough Superior

Das Motorrad - 1. May 1929