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Biarritz 2016

Bert Le Vack Bike - burnt in Biarritz 2016 - picutres by Javier Alava gz- barredo


SS100 Works Bert Le Vack Racer


Bert Le Vack held the World Motorcycle Speed record several times during the 1920’s. A well known tuner as well as rider he was known as the “Wizard of Brooklands”. After a brief spell with Indian he moved to J.A. Prestwich in Tottenham in North London. He was responsible for development of their high powered V-twin engines. Riding a Brough Superior he used one to good effect to set a new World Motorcycle Speed Record at Arpajon, France on 6th of July 1924 at 119.05 mph.  He was to set a further record for Brough Superior when he returned in 1929 at 129.00mph.  J.A. Prestwich closed down their racing department and Le Vack moved on initially to New Hudson and the later to Motosaccoche in Switzerland. He was tragically killed testing one of their products in 1931.

Mark Upham, Brough Superior CEO met with Dale Le Vack, Bert’s grandson. He was able to acquire the Arpajon trophy from 1924.  Trophies like these are an important part of Brough Superior history.

Dale Le Vack with Mark Upham


This is the Recreation of Bert Le Vacks 1924 Racer

Built by Brough Superior Motorcycles Ltd.