Day 5

This morning the salt had not dried significantly - there would be no

running today.

We still had to get the bike to tech inspection to have the engine

capacity verified. The engine had been sealed after our first record.

We drove across the wet salt - it's a bit disconcerting driving get

down onto what looks like a lake even though you know it is only a few

millimetres deep.

We took the bike down to tech for the last time, removed one of the

heads and waited hours for one of the inspectors to come to us.

The dimensions were fine, calculated at about 1114cc, so we put it all

back together and started packing the van.

Once we had everything loaded we headed up the pit area towards Eva,

intending to sing her Happy birthday, but she was doing an interview and

the film crew waved us away.

We drove out over the flooded salt, hitting some deep pools at times,

but thankfully never enough to stop the van. Once up the boatramp we

dropped Sam off at the RV and we all headed into the Shell garage in

Wendover where we washed the vans, the RV, the bikes and all the tools

and boxes.

By the time all this was done it was approaching 7pm and we had the

prizegiving 'banquet' at 8.

Before heading there we heard the Mike "MJ" Jackson had been taken to

hospital in Salt Lake City with an infection triggered by a leg injury

he suffered a few days ago.

The banquet is a misnomer. The food consisted of ham-and-cheese

sandwiches, some little taco things and chicken wings. The MC spent the

first five minutes asking everyone at the back to please sit down, when

there weren't enough seats.

We endured some of the self-congratulatory speeches, one of Denis 'BUB'

Manning's tit jokes, and that various whoops and random applause that

accompanied mention of any names, before Alastair,  Mick and I bailed

out and walked the mile or so back to our hotel.