Day 4

An early start into the pre-stage queue got us into the first batch.

We were running the bike in streamlined trim, hoping to get a good run

in the cool of the morning, but an early shift into 4th messed up the

run and Eric got a pass at a speed so slow that we didn't bother finding

out what it was.

We went straight back for another run.

After a severe talking to, Eric got the idea that he was expected to

shift at the rpm marked on the tachometer, and not earlier.

Our session paused to watch a run by the BUB streamliner, which did

323mph with a misfire. It is capable of a lot more, maybe 340mph.

Our second run for the day achieved 122.7mph, which was about the

maximum for that gearing and at a warmer temperature.

We took the bike back to the pit and decided to change to

un-streamlined trim to chase the more achievable 118mph in the A-VF


We got out again around 2pm, and got 122mph again, but with a headwind

and no streamlining. This was above the existing record so we qualified

for a return run.

After the run we found that Henry Cole's film crew's camera had fallen

off the back of the bike. There had been a last-minute panic to change

its battery after the bike had fired up for its run and it can't have

been secured properly.

The officials weren't too impressed by this and had to halt running on

the Mountain course while they hunted for the camera. When it was found

it was missing the battery cover, which caused a further delay and we

feared that we might not be allowed out for a return run.

While the bike was sitting in impound waiting to head to Mile 5 a

massive squall headed towards the course. While I headed up to our pits

to warn everyone and batten down the hatches, Eric headed to Mile 5 with

David, Alastair and Mick in pursuit in the van.

As the van arrived at Mile 5 Eric was being waved through to start his

run, despite us having heard that the course was closed due to the

impending storm. This was a major stroke of luck for us.

This final run was at 126mph for a new record at 124mph.

As Eric arrived back in impound they were already packing up, but he

managed to check in as required.

We had just got our covers rolled up and thrown into the back of the

van, and tools and other equipment packed away when the storm hit.

Wind-blown salt was followed by torrential rain which flooded the salt

while we sheltered in out motorhome and vans.

After 20 minutes the rain subsided leaving us with half an inch of

water everywhere. We had fun taking photographs on the flooded salt.

Once things had dried out enough to set our pits up again we cleaned

the bike up and converted it back to streamlined trim in preparation for

tomorrow morning. It's unlikely that the course will be open first

thing, but if there is overnight wind and morning sunshine then we

should get a chance.

Happy with our new record, the whole team celebrated with a meal at the

cheap Mexican restaurant.