Day 3

The bike was all ready for its first run, so we got into the

pre-staging queue and only just missed the first batch due to a wait for

refuelling. We eventually got our run at 9:20 but only managed 92mph due

to a misfire in 3rd gear.

We got the bike back to our pits and worked through possible problems.

After reports of it only running on one cylinder as it went past the

pits we changed a coil and both plugs, checked the spark on both

cylinders, checked the ignition timing, pulled the carburettors off to

check the fuel flow, jets and needle valves, tried an alternative

battery, and also removed the cover over the ignition pickup on case it

was overheating.

We got Eric to do another run from the pit to Mile 5 which seemed to

show the same problem.

We then re-set the tachometer to read half what it had been, the theory

being that this would encourage Eric to use higher rpms.

After another run, Eric reported that the engine pulled cleanly.

But our second run was at 99mph with much the same problem, the engine

sounding down on power as it came past the pits, though not misfiring.

After visits from about twenty people with possible solutions for us,

we decided to take the advice of the Sodium Distortion guys that we were

running too rich, after looking at the sparkplugs.

Alastair and Mick fitted two-steps smaller main jet, a sponsor's

lithium battery, advanced the timing two degrees.

Then Alastair decided to take a test ride to Mile 5. As the rest of our

team had left he borrowed a helmet from the neighbouring team. He tried

to simulate a dyno run by loading the engine in higher gears to provoke

the misfire. On the first run the bike felt a lot crisper but still

bogged down at lower rpm.

We then decided to raise both carburettor needles to the richest

setting to improve the transition from needle to main jet. After another

run by Alastair, this time around 7:30pm, the low rpm problems were

eliminated completely. We really feel we have made good progress and

keenly await the morning's run.

We need to edjucate Eric on his riding style to get the most out of the


Some good news: our main opposition, whose record we have come to take,

seems to be struggling as much as we are. It's Harley Davidson vs Brough

and we need to do 132mph to take his record.

More good news: Katie Cook managed to get her Honda 50 to 50.5mph for a

new record.