Day 2

A 6am start to get the bike ready, which meant a trip out to the salt

in the dark.

While Mick and I bolted up what we could, Al made a trip into Wendover

to clear that hardware store out of 7/16" washers and bolts to replace

the engine mounts. This time every single bolt and nut was marked with

torque-seal to indicate any loosening.

A final clutch cable repair was the last major item, mainly involving

soldering ends onto something nes cable. Lastly we replaced the exhausts

and bodywork.

Eric did a quick shakedown alongside the course and had no problems, so

we headed to the pre-stage queue and almost immediately were sent

through to the Mile 0 start. Here we waited for hours for no obvious

reason, though it transpired that there had been a radio communication

failure which had closed the course.

When we finally got the run, it was at 110 mph, same as yesterday (but

in a different class) and under the record so we didn't qualify for a

return run.

Eric reported that the engine wouldn't rev past 3500rpm so we started

trying to locate a problem.

We found that one of the ignition pickups, for the rear cylinder,

wasn't working. We ended up replacing the ignition control box to get

everything working.

We also checked that the torque-seal markers were intact, which they

all were, so we had nice concerns about a repeat of the engine coming

loose.  During the day various parts of the bike which had fallen off

yesterday were returned to us, as they were found by marshals as they

patrolled the course. We put them to one side for possible refitting,

though our washers and bolts seemed to be doing the trick.

We managed a fireup before reinstating all of the wiring to see

runnable state. Then we quickly loaded the bike into the van which was

staying own the salt and headed to the very cheap Mexican restaurant

next to I80. Tomorrow is another 6am start.