Prep Day

After a 4am start, for a 7:45 flight to Chicago, I waited in the

immigration queue there for 2 hours, only to find that my onwards flight

to Salt Lake City had been cancelled.

United found me an alternative route via San Francisco, but that got me

there 5 hours later than expected.  Luckily the rest of the team, who

had flown from Los Angeles, were prepared to wait, and we managed to get

to our hotel in Wendover before midnight.

Alastair, Mick and team manager David were driving from LA in a van

with the bikes, and a Winnebago, and they got there at about the same


We're all in the Nugget hotel, another casino hotel, and despite some

horrendous reviews my room was fine. The others were not so lucky: no

hot water, leaking showers, that sort of thing.

Having been on the go for almost 24 hours (with a bit of rest on the

flights) I slept well.

On Friday morning we made an initial foray to the local hardware store

to collect brushes, tape, sheets of metal, and other odds and ends.

Then we made a trip out to the "boat ramp" at the end of the road

leading to the Salt Flats for an inspection.  The salt was mushy

following overnight rain, and there was a tremendous wind (see photo).

We went back into town to get the last few things we needed, including

polystyrene foam to fashion a spacer between the rider and the rear


In the evening we all went out to a little Mexican restaurant on the

Utah side of the border, about 18 of us, for a nice meal of fajitas and burritos.